Against the Gates of Hell Review

Book Review: 

Herby and Kirby Wilson are twins that couldn't be more different. Raised by a God fearing preacher and wonderful mother, they both know exactly what God expects of them. Somewhere along the way, after their parents are killed, both men have strayed from the path they used to follow.

Kirby used to be a cop, but when something goes terribly wrong on a routine drug raid, he escapes to the criminal life that mirrors the people he used to put away. Lost, left by a wife that used to mean everything to him, and using drugs to escape the pain, will Kirby ever find the Way, the Truth and the Life? Or has he thrown his life away - and any chance of redemption - for good?

Herby is the complete opposite. Also a police officer, he walks the straight and narrow with seemingly no difficulties. He has a beautiful wife, supportive family, and a church he grew up in to validate his righteous life. Disappointed in his twin and feeling that Kirby continually shames them all, Herby struggles to show his brother the love of Christ. Will these two brothers ever be truly reunited? Or is it too late to bring Kirby back from the reckless life he's living?

This book was so different than what I was expecting. I was expecting somewhat of a cautionary tale of what drugs can do to ruin a person's life, etc. But Young gives us much more, something much more profound than that. He shows us the humanity, the emptiness, and the desperation that brings people to this point. This book make it plain to whoever reads it that everyone deserves God's mercy, God's grace, and a second chance. I didn't think I'd ever sympathize with a crackhead, but the characters are so real and human that you almost don't realize till the end of the story that is a work of fiction. I give it 5 stars despite occasional rough editing.

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.