Against the Gates of Hell Review

Book Review: 

** I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.**

General: Overall i felt this book did a great job of highlighting an issue that while rampant in the news, does not often get touched in the literary world beyond "the classic" novels of the past. There haven't been many dealing with it in current society- except for the of course Go Ask Alice. But this told the tale from an adult perspective. However there were moments when I felt the book lost some of it's flow and was a drag through read for me. Along with that I recently had the unfortunate experience to sit in the ER next to someone who suffered from an OD. I think that while the emotional levels are quite high and of course all people are different, I think I would have liked a slightly stronger connection to the times without the drugs and the dangers directly from the drugs, not the dangers brought about by his actions from the drugs.

I think that perhaps a struggle for myself might have been the strong religious ties. I have read many religious novels but none quite so entrenched as this one. I do not think it is a negative thing, but I feel it may make it difficult for those who do not have such a strong connection or are a different religion difficult to read some sections as it becomes very entrenched at some places.

The journey this book takes a reader on is impressive though. At no point did I wonder the validity of things. It had some truly heartbreaking moments as well as some action sequences that had me page turning quite quickly. I thought Mylow did a fantastic job creating the world of drugs and justice overall.

Characters:Kerby- While safe to say he is true protagonist of the book it was not by much. This character's struggle was wonderful to read. There were a few moments when I felt he was a bit hypocritical but having no connection to addiction or drug use myself I assume that was quite the way it would work for someone in his position in life.

Herby- The other twin in this novel his character was quick tempered and a little dislikable. However his story was not as compelling as Kerby's and that may lend itself to why he slipped a little more into the background for me.