All That's Good Review

Book Review: 

"Discernment helps us see the world for what it was made to be and believe that God is powerful enough to restore it."
Hannah Anderson's book, All That's Good, is, quite simply, a book I'm tremendously grateful for. Discernment isn't something I've heard preached very often. Without ignoring the brokenness of the world, Hannah helps the reader's heart to see what it looks like to pursue beauty and goodness. Instead of telling us everything to avoid, this book was an invitation to hunt for all the glimpses of the Lord's loveliness and redemption all around.

You may feel nervous to jump into a book on the hefty topic of discernment, but Hannah's teaching is gentle and full of wisdom. Her examples and stories felt down to earth, and perfect for each chapter's focus. I especially enjoyed her examples of discernment as she shares about her thrift store practices. As I spent time in these pages, I felt like I was sitting with a wise friend, inviting me to think about my life in a better, more free way.

A for me.

#partner Thanks to Moody Publishers for the review copy of this book.