And the Bride Wore White Review

Book Review: 

This week I read one of my new favourite books and resources. Moody Publishers sent me a copy of And The Bride Wore White by Dannah Gresh to review, and I am seriously in love with this book.

If you've known me for awhile, you might be rolling on the floor laughing at this point. Okay, okay, we get the point, my single years weren't exactly the model of purity and modesty. That is why I love this book.

Throughout the time I spent reading this, I grieved for my teen self. I shed many tears for the girl that didn't understand the principles of purity and modesty that are so beautifully outlined in this book. I also felt hopeful for the future. Here I am, redeemed and reclaimed because of Christ. Here I am, a life renewed and restored. A heart made new. A woman that doesn't even resemble the girl I once was.

And I have my own little girl. A daughter with a heart that God has entrusted to mine and Daniel's care. A child who will grow up in this mixed up and crazy world. After reading this book, I'm hopeful for my little girl. I want her to know that she is God's daughter, a Princess of the most High King. I want her to understand that purity is important in protecting her heart, and that Daniel and I will do everything to protect our daughter.

This book is fantastic for parents who want to guide their daughters and shepherd their hearts. It's a great book for young girls too, or any single girl. I would recommend a parent have their own copy so that they can talk to their daughter about what they're reading and ask if they have questions. I plan on buying a copy for my daughter in the future, and have started praying that she would grow up to be a girl after God's heart above all else.