And the Bride Wore White Review

Book Review: 

This book provides young girls with not only the reasons for striving toward purity, but also tools to help them achieve it. It's easy to say, wait for marriage, but not so easy for girls to understand the why and how behind it why it matters in the first place. This book provides alternatives for them to strive for, steps to help them on their journey, and simple techniques to extricate them from sinful relationships.

I thought this was an excellent book for girls and their mothers. I love the simplicity of breaking off sinful relationships: Tell God, Tell a Friend, Make a Fast Strategic Exit. I think the writing exercises would be very helpful, especially compiling a list of qualities your future husband should have. A lot of women come up with these qualities by trial and error; how much better is it, to have it thought out and in black and white before dating at all?

I think the theme throughout the book of each girl having value is another excellent message. Not only are girls given tools to strive for purity, but they are also given tools to accept the value they have in the eyes of God. I keep thinking about the phrase I read in the book - everything has a cost and some things cost everything - I could chew over that for days!

It is not inevitable that girls fall for Satan's lies and enter into damaging relationships prior to marriage. This is an excellent book to use in starting a dialogue with your girls, especially if you have a difficult time broaching the subject. Now we just need some books on this topic geared for the boys!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. All opinions are my own.