And the Bride Wore White Review

Book Review: 

And the Bride Wore White, written by Dannah Gresh, is a great resource for any teenage or young adult single woman who wants to live a life of purity. This book contains honest stories from the author's young adult years, as well as the struggles she faced. Through those struggles, though, she learned some secrets, and those are presented in this book.

In this book you will learn that purity is a process, not just something you are born with or gain in one day. You must strive for it. You will be taught just how important it is to have a relationship with Jesus, and to make Him the center of your single life now, and then your marriage later.You are encouraged to dream of the future and pray for your future husband. Modesty is another topic that is discussed in this book, as well as watching how you act and what you talk about when you are around guys. The author also encouraged young ladies to include their parents in their love life, even though that is not something most girls would be crazy about. Finally, you will read some of the blessings that come when you wait for marriage.

This book contains a message on purity that every single woman needs to hear. The author kept referring to the Pearl of Great Price, and often said, "everything costs something, but some things cost everything." That is the core of this book and of this message. Some things cost everything!

I would mention that I think this book is suited for young ladies ages 16 and up. There may be a few things that would not be appropriate for younger girls.

*I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers for an honest review.*