A+ Attitude Review

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My Review:

Morgan Noelle Love is just like any other second grade girl except she feels like everybody is changing things all around her. There is only one problem with that she didn't want anything to change and no one seems to care or even realize that she doesn't want it or even likes it. Her Dad is a captain in the Navy, he and her mom divorced and he is shipping out. Morgan's mom is now remarried and is about to have a baby.

Morgan becomes so involved in her own thoughts and feelings when suddenly things start making a turn for the worse, as if it could get any worse. She then finds herself with other worries in this book aptly named A+ Attitude where she starts to look at herself and her circumstances and after the advice of others decides maybe her attitude does need some work.

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**Disclosure** This book was provided to me for free from MP Newsroom for my honest review.