A+ Attitude Review

Book Review: 

“Traveling to the places of the Bible helps an individual view God’s Word through a new set of geographical lenses. Simple phrases like ‘going up to Jerusalem’ jump off the page because they now make sense,” Charles H. Dyer and Gregory A. Hatteberg write in their book, "The Christian Traveler’s Guide to the Holy Land."

This two hundred and seventy-two page paperback targets individuals planning to take a trip to lands mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Recently revised and updated, it uses the New International Version and the New American Standard Version of the Bible.

After an introduction, the guide is divided into seven parts. The first section is dedicated to preparing for the trip, including tips for safe traveling, packing lists, dealing with jet lag, and helpful websites. There are also two four-week schedules for Bible reading and prayers and group study.

The majority of the book is the compilation of the lands of Israel, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, and Turkey. In alphabetical order by land, cities are mentioned with black and white photographs on a third of the pages. Only sixteen pages of color photographs are inserted in the middle of the book.

Each area listed has a thumbnail map showing its location along with one to several paragraphs. Next is a breakdown by the era it is mentioned in the Bible such as Patriarchal Period, Period of the Exodus, Period of Conquest, Period of Judges, United Kingdom, Divided Kingdom, Babylonian Captivity, Restoration, Life of Christ, and Apostolic Age. Bible verse references are added as well as short explanations and grayed sidebar areas with lines to write notes.

One example is the city of Joppa in Israel that is Tel Aviv-Jaffa today. First mentioned in Joshua, the tribe of Dan failed to capture it during the Period of Conquest. Cedars were transported during Solomon’s reign and again during the Restoration when the temple was being rebuilt. In the Divided Kingdom, Jonah sailed from Joppa and during the Apostolic Age, Peter raised Dorcas from the dead.

The final section contains several blank pages to preserve travel experiences along with four other works by author Dyer and the publisher.

By not only containing information on average temperatures or what Bible passages to read before arriving, this nice handbook can be carried along to look up the history and events documented in the Word of God while visiting each area.

Thanks to Moody Publishers for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.