A.W. Tozer: Three Spiritual Classics in One Volume Review

Book Review: 

Although the works of A.W. Tozer have been around for a while (he lived from 1897-1963), it seems like just recently I have been hearing more people mention his books. Tozer’s books are considered Christian classics, and now three of them have been combined into one volume: The Knowledge of the Holy, The Pursuit of God, and God’s Pursuit of Man. This was my first time reading Tozer, and I can see why he is considered one of the greatest Christian authors of the twentieth century.

Let me say upfront that this is not “light” reading. The spiritual truths that he explores are weighty and profound. It is simply amazing that he is a “self-taught theologian” without formal training. Although some of his prose could be considered old-fashioned, the subjects he covers in these books are timeless. For example, in The Pursuit of God, Tozer addresses the busyness of life and urges us to be still in order to personally experience God. This 471 page book would be a valuable addition to every Christian library.