A.W. Tozer: Three Spiritual Classics in One Volume Review

Book Review: 

If you’ve been in church very long, chances are you have heard of the great minister A.W. Tozer. His books have influenced our Christian faith for over 60 years.

I grew up in church, so I’ve heard about Tozer and his books my whole life. But for some reason, I never read them.

For me, Tozer seemed like someone that great Christians should read, and I don’t consider myself to be a great Christian. But once I started reading his writings, I found that his books are practical for all Christians.

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This was the first of Tozer’s books that I started reading. When I read the forward, I was surprised to read that Tozer thought of himself as being a simple man. Let me tell you, this is not a simple book to read!

cover of A.W. Tozer: Three Spiritual Classics in One Volume
However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it.

The Knowledge of the Holy is an in-depth look at Who God is, and what that means to us. As humans, we cannot understand the holiness of God.

The Knowledge of the Holy focuses on the attributes of God, including His omniscience, faithfulness, goodness, mercy, grace and love. You will finish this book with a better understanding of God–and an awe that He could love us like He does.

When I first decided to read books by Tozer, I asked my dad (who really is a great Christian) which one I should start with. He recommended The Pursuit of God. So far, it has been my favorite.

The Pursuit of God helps us to realize and understand the hunger for God in our hearts. Tozer believed it was the hunger for God that would lead to revival.

Even though he wrote the book in 1948, it still applies to us today. The only way we can have revival is to pursue God with all our heart. The Pursuit of God shows the way.

I think God’s Pursuit of Man is the most intriguing of the three books to me. (I haven’t finished it yet.)

As a Christian, I like to think that I am trying to grow closer to God in every part of my life. (Although I fail more often than not.)

But the truth is that God actually wants to be close to me more than I want to be close to Him. But it doesn’t come without sacrifice on my part.

God’s Pursuit of Man explains what it means to let God have control of your life. To surrender to Him until you become what He wants.

I know, surrender is not easy. (Preaching to myself here.) But Tozer will show why it’s necessary to fully experience the joy of your salvation.

I have a small confession here. I am a bit of a skim reader. This works great for me when I’m reading light fiction or an easy magazine article.

It does not work for spiritual classics like those by A.W. Tozer.

You can’t read these books while listening to music. You probably won’t be able to read them while your family is in the room!

And they aren’t the kind of books you can read quickly. I often find myself reading the same paragraph over a couple of times until I can really understand its meaning.

Here’s how I suggest you read these books:

Have a dedicated reading time. (I like Sunday afternoons for this type of book.)
Find a quiet place.
Use a highlighter. (These are my favorite.)
Read short passages, then really think about what you’ve read.
Tozer’s books are deep. They are meant to be read slowly. While he plainly writes that his books are not the ultimate authority, they are life-changing.

The Knowledge of the Holy, The Pursuit of God and God’s Pursuit of Man are classics for a reason. Their messages are still applicable in our modern world.

I no longer think they are meant just for great Christians. Instead, I think they can help a Christian grow into a great Christian.