Becoming Sage Review

Book Review: 

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this book, but Van Loon does a great job of introducing the concept and pulling you in immediately. She helps us understand what it means to become sage:
“We take the first step in becoming sage by recognizing how essential wisdom is to us.”
“We become sage as we recognize, then explore, how God is at work in the changes we’re experiencing.”

Van Loon then spends the first chapter explaining the underdeveloped concept of spiritual maturity within the Christian church. Of course spiritual maturity is a desire for all serious Christians but do we truly understand what that means and what that looks like and at what point in time that should occur? She claims that the church focuses mostly on the spiritual maturity of young adults and young families while neglecting the spiritual maturity of all other life stages.

The book is structured with 10 chapters followed by a conclusion and further reading section. Some of the more powerful parts of the book include the conclusion of each chapter. Van Loon provides a For Individual Reflection section and For Group Conversation section along with a “becoming sage…” quote where she provides a detailed explanation of what it mean to become sage in regards to that specific chapter. These areas are wonderful as they provide further in depth discussion onto your personal spiritual growth journey and the “becoming sage…” quote summarizes the chapter in a concise, memorable way.

This was a wonderful book to read and understand how becoming sage is a journey for all Christians no matter what stage of life. It will look differently at each stage of life and for each specific person, but it’s a powerful journey through maturity in Christ.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.