Becoming Sage Review

Book Review: 

"Becoming Sage" is a great title for anyone wanting to have more meaning in life while in midlife. Written from a Christian perspective, the author covers many topics, including:

- Challenges of changing family relationships.

- Continuing old friendships while making new friends.

- Taking care of your body as it inevitably ages.

- Responsible financial stewardship - instead of too much spending on yourself, leave a godly financial legacy.

- Moving from just achieving in your career to working in one that leaves a positive legacy.

- Taking care of your spiritual and emotional health.

- Changing relationships within church - this was one of my personal favorites. The author rightly points out that we often find out that the people we serve alongside in church may not be lasting as the emphasis to way too much on service instead of getting to know people at church and forming great friendships. Good point.

- The challenge of loneliness.

The book is well-written, full of excellent insights, and will challenge you to think more deeply about what to do in your midlife. The book is appropriate for those currently in midlife and those who will enter midlife in a few years and want to be better prepared for that transition. Recommended.

I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.