On Bended Knee Review

Book Review: 

Being a mother, there are two things that instantly become true of your life:
- You pray more than you ever have before
- You battle finding the time and energy to study the Word

I appreciate authors like Keeth who present studies that are deep and powerful, yet simple and manageable. This study includes 8 weeks of digging deeper into prayer warriors of the Bible - some very well known and others not as well known. These warriors include:
- Jesus
- Paul
- Job
- Hannah
- David
- Asa
- Jehoshaphat
- Nehemiah

Each section begins with a quick introduction to the specific prayer warrior and what to expect for that coming week’s study. There are 5 days of studies within each week. Each day includes the following parts:
- Looking to God’s Word
- Looking Upward
- Looking Deeper
- Looking Reflectively
- Quote

I appreciate the questions included throughout the days to help me think deeper about the text, about the prayer warrior being discussed, about God/Jesus, and about my personal prayer life.

The end of the 8 weeks includes several additional resources:
- Summary of each week’s prayer and its main thought
- Additional prayers from other people in the Scriptures
- Leader’s Guide: I very much appreciate that Keeth included the leader’s guide within the book itself! This prevents me from having to purchase an additional book in order to utilize it as a group study.

One structural item I do not like about the book is that it only includes 5 days for each week long study. Why not include the full 7 days? If we want to truly be prayer warriors, we won’t take a 2 day break - it’ll be constant, every day of every week. It’s unfortunate that we believe we need a “break” or we “owe” it to ourselves to rest. Yes, breaks and rests are good and healthy - but nowhere in the Bible does it condone resting/breaking from prayer. So although this is a minor issue, I still find it be disappointing.

Overall, the study allows for a short, simple and deep personal time.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.