Beyond Bath Time Review

Book Review: 

I have been a fan of Erin Davis ever since I heard her on the Revive Our Hearts radio program, speaking about the true beauty of young girls. Her passion was contagious, so I was thrilled to be able to review her new book, Beyond Bath Time, which speaks to mothers (especially young mothers) about redefining motherhood as a role placed by God in the hearts of countless women.

Davis touches on many tender subjects, such as the decision to live childless, finding stillness in the midst of crying toddlers and crazy schedules, and finding support from other moms who in turn support honesty, no matter how hard the words are to speak. She presents statistics about the trendy choice to live child-free and offers encouragement for mothers in that tricky situation, arguing fairly for both sides of the decision.

Davis herself is an encourager in a tangle of laundry piles and frozen casseroles--she has been in tough birth circumstances and has suffered from postpartum depression after delivering her little bundles. Her words are never sugar-coated, but always thought-provoking and generously covered in God's grace.

This little book is a quick read with long-lasting effect. Even if you aren't a mother, Davis has something to say for everyone, and is a rich lifeline in an increasingly conflicted world.

I received this book for free from Moody Press. You may purchase it from MP or Amazon.