Beyond Bath Time Review

Book Review: 

My heart’s been torn about the idea of leaving my baby to return to work. Baby boy isn’t even born yet, and it’s already killing me. Another thing bothers me. I have two teenagers that I feel I haven’t given my all in being a mother to them. So, how am I supposed to be a great mother to this one on the way?

Guilt… Regrets… Blah…

This book is not about whether or not you should work outside the home. However, it is a wonderful resource for helping moms – working or stay at home – realize their mission as a mother.

Erin Davis, the author, didn’t guilt trip me about anything. Instead, she has encouraged me to be in prayer about God’s calling for me in life and as a mother. She has encouraged me to see my children as a blessing and not another mundane task on my list. She has encouraged me to fight the temptation to be moody about life’s blahs, which many times is taken out on my children’s poor hearts, without me even realizing it.

What I’ve Learned from Beyond Bath Time:

To seek other moms for encouragement and maybe even start an encouragement group for mothers. I often think I’ve fine without any interaction with friends. I have missed several of our women’s meetings at church, because I’m tired or too busy. I realize the importance of fellowship with other women (and moms). Friends bring strength and encouragement to one another’s busy exhausted lives.

To see my children from a new perspective. I find myself being discouraged when things aren’t all butterflies and smiley faces at home, especially when the children are not cooperating with me. At times, being a mother can see overwhelming. I’ll never call my children a burden, but am I showing it in my frustrations with them? Erin encourages us to ”imagine if looking through the filter of God’s Word helped you to see mothering as a kingdom work instead of as a roadblock.” What a new perspective!

To allow my new perspective to influence my children. Having a new perspective will help me to live a joyful life in the mother ministry and hopefully result in God-serving faithful children who in turn will raise their children to work toward furthering God’s kingdom, also.

To allow my new perspective to influence others. My heart breaks as many of my friends have decided not to have children. The statistics of the growing number of Mormons being born to the decreasing number of Christians is alarming. However, I can influence others to be kingdom workers (mothers), not with a lecture, but with the testimony of my joy and love for God as it is reflected in the raising of my children.

Although this book is a skinny one, it is full of encouragement and one I will keep handy during those times I need a pick-me-up.

Disclosure: Thanks to Moody Publishers for the copy I received in exchange for my honest review.