Beyond Priceless Review

Book Review: 

This is a wonderful devotional for all women! It is well known that, in general, women/girls are more emotionally driven than men. And unfortunately, we can tend to let those emotions drive our decisions and even our daily walk with God.

I appreciate that Barrick addresses the fact that feelings are not wrong or sinful. God created emotions and He Himself displays emotions throughout the Scriptures. Because we live in a fallen, sinful world, we can too often allow those emotions to lead to sinful thinking, beliefs or actions.

Barrick goes through thirty different feelings that are common to women and addresses their value along with their truth. What's the difference? Their value is simply acknowledging the feeling, being aware of the feeling, and validating the feeling. The truth is taking that acknowledgment, awareness, and validation of the feeling and submitting them to the Truth of Christ.

Each day provides ample insight, Scripture reading, and journaling. Barrick uses her own personal life experiences to help us sift through the reality of emotions to the truth of Christ.

I can see this devotional being used as more than 30 day read through book. It can easily be used as a reference whenever we may be feeling a certain emotion and stuck in knowing where to go. The daily devotions are short but oh so very sweet and impactful.

A few of the emotions and truths addressed are:

- When I Feel Ordinary < God is Beyond Priceless

- When I Feel Financial Stress < God is My Provider

- When I Feel Hopeless < God is Good

- When I Feel Like A Failure < God is My Purpose

- When I Feel Shame < God is My Righteousness

This is a wonderful devotional for any women or young teenager.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.