Bible and Breakfast Review

Book Review: 

This is a wonderful devotion with a unique take. Recipes for a yummy breakfast to go along with the devotion for the day. What I especially like is that Asheritah gives the option for those that don’t have a lot of time in the morning. The reader has the option of that short devotion, or, if time permits, something longer and more in depth. I love having that choice because there are days, with work, with homeschool, with life in general, that I feel more rushed. But the weekends, I have more time. Some of the recipes I might not ever try, but there’s plenty of variety, so I don’t feel like there isn’t anything for me. Plus, I don’t actually have to make any of them. The idea is to have a nice little treat, a breakfast just for me, where I can sit and focus on God’s Word and less on the things around me. And there’s plenty of space to write my thoughts or doodle and journal. This would be a great gift as well. I received a complimentary copy from Moody publisher. The honest opinions in this review are my own.