Bible and Breakfast Review

Book Review: 

There is a little circle in the upper left corner of the cover of Bible and Breakfast by Asheritah Ciuciu that says, "Feeding our bodies and souls together." I love that idea--of starting my days with Jesus and a healthy breakfast. Some days may not go as planned but this could be the goal for 31 mornings anyway.

Bible and Breakfast is a beautiful book all the way around. The colorful pictures of healthy food dishes on the cover and throughout the book inspire me to eat healthfully and to spend time with both my family and our Bibles as we do so. This book starts out with an introduction to both the Bible reading plan and the recipes. There is also a section with frequently asked questions/answers in the beginning. Ciuciu addresses people of all ages that may be using this book and offers ideas on how to get the most out of it. She also offers ideas on how to get the most nourishment for your body from the recipes. Each devotional includes a "snack on the go" with a shorter section of questions and study for days you are busy and needing something quick. Then there are "Feast" Bible study prompts for when you have time to dig deeper. Every recipe includes a full color photo. There are also recipes that especially appeal to children, some that can be made ahead and frozen for busy days, as well as some gluten free options. You also don't have to guess which recipes fit those categories--it is clearly marked at the top of the recipe if it is gluten free, freezer friendly or kid friendly.

Bible and Breakfast just couldn't be made much better in my opinion. I like the full-color pictures of all of the recipes and that the recipes are easy to follow with standard ingredients. I like the flexibility of the Bible study options for each day. I like that there is space to write out answers and to respond if you wish to do so in the book--although I like to write my answers in a separate notebook. There is a ribbon marker to keep your spot--whether you want to mark the recipe you wish to make the next morning or keep your spot to continue on in the Bible study. Bible and Breakfast would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a young mom--or an older mom. I also liked her idea she shares in the book encouraging those who have empty nests to come alongside a younger mom and do the study together. That might be especially nice for families that live close or for neighbors nearby.All in All Bible and Breakfast is both beautiful and practical to use.

I received this book from Moody Publishers. All opinions in this review are my own.