Bible Workbook Vol. 1 Old Testament Review

Book Review: 

Here are two new bible workbooks, vol 1 is Old testament and vol 2 is New testament.

My first impression when they arrived: they were not what I was expecting. When I hear the word 'workbook', I expect it to be thorough in aiding in understanding. But these books were not so. They are extremely thin and flimsy (roughly only 70 pages in each book).

So once I opened these books I realize they are the republishing so to speak of book from 60 years ago, so I should not be too surprised at their lack of depth.
My hope was to find workbooks that I could sink my teeth into. However, I find that I've found base level workbooks. Onse that seem to gloss over some books of the bible with a simple summary while having outlines and questions for others. Then I look at a book like the Psalms and it got all of 1.5 pages, I'm flabbergasted to a degree over the briefness and condensation of a book with over 100 chapters covering a wide range of topics.

So then I head to the New Testament with hopes that since it is shorter maybe there is more meat found in its workbook. And there is the meat for the gospel and again brief condensation for every other book.

Honestly, I want to say a waste of my time, but then again with children in my house. It is not a waste but I can pass along for them to use in their studies of the bible. I dare say it would also be sufficient for the new believer who would want to lay a foundation of the bible before more in-depth studying.

{FYI: I received these books from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.}