Calm, Cool, and Connected Review

Book Review: 

"Calm, Cool, and Connected" is a good book for those wanting to be able to use technology without being addicted to it.  Around 140 pages, the book is a quick read and centers around a 5 letter acronym:
H -  Hold Down The Off Button
A -  Always Put People First
B -  Brush Daily and Live With A Clean Conscience
 I  -  I Will Go Online With Purpose
T -   Take A Hike
Some of the points addressed include:
1.  Advantages of silence.
2.  The importance of having eye contact with others instead of eyeing your phone so much.
3.  When at work, consider checking emails later in the day after you've worked on your most important projects.
4.  5 signs of an online shopping problem and suggestions for keeping it in check.
5.  While God wants us to be interested in and focused on others, our society prizes "selfies".
6.  The importance of going online with a purpose instead of wasting time.
7.  5 ways to become more efficient online and 5 ways to tame your inbox.
8.  5 good reasons to spend time outside.
Very readable, the title will challenge the reader to focus more on the important things of life (people) and less on technology.  Will be a helpful future reminder and challenge.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.