Calm, Cool, and Connected Review

Book Review: 

This book is not only for parents, but anyone who feels like their phone has become a dominating, overwhelming force. I am not much of a phone person, but I live with several people who are. I enjoyed the practical offerings and non-judgmental tone of this book. It will help me encourage healthier habits for those I love.

Calm, Cool, and Connected is a short read, perfect for busy people. It begins with a self-evaluation quiz to understand how much space your phone takes up in your time. Then, it offers five key areas for balance:

Hold Down the Off Button
Always Put People First
Brush Daily: Live With a Clean Conscience
I Will Go Online with Purpose
Take a Hike

I enjoyed her creative analogy of a digital pacifier. It was new to me, and it’s a perfect description of what smartphones are to many people (including my children). I can help them break that habit, just like I helped them break the habit of sucking their thumbs when they were little.

She offers suggestions for practicing wisdom in online shopping and powerful methods for increasing productivity. I especially enjoyed her productivity tips, and I’m using them this week to better effect.

If you or a loved one struggles with too much involvement on digital devices, this book offers gently corrective prescriptions.

I am grateful to Moody Publishers for providing a free review copy of this book.