Calm, Cool, and Connected Review

Book Review: 

Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life by Arlene Pellicane

In a world hyper connectivity, Pellicane writes about the importance of balance in the digital age. With her five habits, Pellicane emphasizes the importance of interpersonal connections. Before getting into the meat of the five habits, Pellicane begins the book with a quiz to determine reader’s level of being “calm, cool, and connected”. I was not surprised by my results, considering screen time was one of my goals for 2017.
Pellicane created an acronym for the 5 habits (HABIT). Using the acronym, she stresses the importance of: disconnecting from your phone, being intentional with your usage of social media and other online platforms, and to go outside. Below is a list of the HABITs.
H- old down the OFF Button
A-lways Put people First
B-rush Daily: Live with a Clean Conscious
I-will go online with purpose
T-ake a Hike
While this book was mediocre to me, I did find some pieces invaluable.
Face time v. Screen time
I found this dialogue the most helpful for me. While I know that face-to-face interaction is important and I value disconnecting. I still find myself slipping into excess screen time. This is not always social media; this can be texting, watching t.v., etc.

Face time- For me this means to put people first. When spending time with friends and loved ones to keep my phone usage to a minimum. To me it is important to give the people you are with your undivided attention.
Screen time- While social media is one thing that I have been working on. After reading I have made a more conscious effort to spend less time watching television as well. By minimizing television usage, I am able to: read more, do more around the house, and work on some DIY projects, etc.

I challenge myself and you spend more time away from the screen. To be intentional with what you share and with how much you use technology. While this may be a difficult task, take it on it smaller doses. For example, instead of watching three hours of television in on night, maybe limit it to one or two.

**I was given this book for the purpose review from the publisher. These are my own thoughts and my honest critic.