Candor Review

Book Review: 

“Poor decisions are made every day because good people with honest intentions find it hard to take action and make a stand. Many of us have remained silent far too long.” Charles Causey, author and command chaplain, argues in his latest book, Candor: The Secret to Succeeding at Tough Conversations, that the ability to speak frankly is an art that our society misunderstands and underutilizes, and, moreover, seems content to part with. And we’re all the worse for it.

Though it may be viewed as rude and abrasive, Causey contends that candor is actually an act of love. It is the quality of being honest, forthright, and sincere, and when done well, “leads to trust and intimacy in our most important relationships.” Seeing this gap in our society’s ability to communicate, Causey sets out in this book to coach his reader, first, through what candor is and is not, and then to apply his coaching principles through the various contexts that we’re sure to encounter, such as candor in the workplace, in families, with the self, with friends, and more. Candor is a strong argument for the exercise of forthrightness in all areas of life.

[I received this book free of charge from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.]