Captive Trail Review

Book Review: 

Captive Trail by Susan Page Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so very much enjoying this series!! This is number two in the series and the second one I have read and I love it! It took till the very end for me to connect the two books but I love that the story is a stand alone story even though it connects to the other book.
This was well written, but had a lot of Catholic symbolism and religion in it. It does have faith in God and mention that there is a difference between Protestant and Catholic beliefs but there is no clear presentation of Salvation that I could find, other than the one verse of Amazing Grace. I came away feeling like it was more a Catholic book than anything and that bothered me. It was insinuated that the two main Characters were Protestant but were ok with the Catholics and they were all a great big happy family.
I received this book from M P News Room ~ Moody Press for my review and opinion. The things stated here are my thoughts only.