Captive Trail Review

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The second book in the Texas Trails series finds us two years later and we come across a young girl that was crying outside of her teepee. A Comanche comes to her and speaks in her native tongue to the young girl. The young girl doesn't understand why she was reprimanded by her Indian caregiver. Then after she is instructed as to why she was punished she feels that this is a life she could never become a part of. So after much thought she decides to live the village on a quest to find her birth family.
Meanwhile, Ned Bright is a stagecoach driver and he picking up a group of nuns to take them to the mission. Upon their departure, they come across something in the road that turns out to be the young girl in the beginning of the book. So the nuns convince Ned to let the young girl ride the stagecoach with them to the mission. He is freaking out just a small smidgeon because he is convinced they will be attacked by Indians because they have this girl in their possession.
After waking up at the mission the young girl finds she is some place new. And after awhile there, the nuns begin to nurse her back to health and take care of her eventually being taught how to speak and write in English. Who is this girl that has wondered into the life of Ned Bright? Where did she come from and why did she speak and dress like a young Indian girl? Is she really the long, lost, kidnapped daughter of the Morgan family?
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