Captive Trail Review

Book Review: 

Everything Cowgirl trail wasn't Captive trail is!!! Susan's writing is exquisite, the story line is amazing, and the pace is wonderful. This is an excellent adventure and a heart warming story. Susan's characters are wonderful and they will steal your heart. An amazing, surprising end will leave you reeling! Or at least it left me that way! I had to read the scene three times it is SO good. Captive trail has given me new love and interest in this series and this author. Susan always has strong female characters, intelligent characters all around, and adds that bit of humor and surprise to whisk you away to the time of Comanche captives, cavalry men in forts, buffalo hunters, and wild Indian renegades raiding the plains in all her books but especially in this one! I can't wait to read more from Susan now! Captive trail is a great read whether you are looking for an adventure during a rainy or snowy day, or if you just want a great read in general! :)

I have 2 songs for this book and 1 of them is from the book (or at least the closest I cold find.) "Amazing Grace" by Spiritual Flute Recorder Music and "Soothing Thunder Tones" by Sleep Tribe

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