The Centrality of the Church Review

Book Review: 

I have enjoyed listening to Tony Evans’ sermons, but I had not read any of his books before now. The Centrality of the Church: Practicing the Ways of God with the People of God is part of a new series called The Kingdom Pastor’s Library. It is short and to the point, offering Dr. Evans’ philosophy of ministry and summary of his understanding of the church.

The book is aimed at pastors (hence the series title), which unnecessarily limits its potential audience. Most of the book was accessible and appropriate for the average church member, and I wish it had been aimed for a general audience rather than the pastorate. Most pastors I know who are interested in reading about the church would prefer a more in-depth treatment of the subject than this book provides. There are great sections of the book, particularly the chapters that reflect on the church’s place in the broader society, unity, and making disciples, but, as a pastor, I’m going to get a lot more out of Nine Marks of a Healthy Church or The Gospel-Driven Church than this book.

On the flip side, I am much more likely to recommend Evans’ The Centrality of the Church to my church members. I wish everyone who attends my church would read the chapter on church membership because it lays out a strong biblical case for joining a church and explains what that it means to be a church member.

If you’re interested in learning more about the church — what it is, what it’s here for, your place in it — I gladly recommend this book to you.

Notice of material connection: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher. The opinions expressed are my own.