Character Matters Review

Book Review: 

Character is usually defined as who you when no one is looking. Meanings things help shape our character whether they are experiences or trials. For those in the ministry, character is important. If you look in the New Testament, majority of the requirements for eldership has to deal with a man's character.

In his book, Character Matters, Aaron Menikoff looks at how a pastor can faithfully lead his church under the power of the Holy Spirit. There have been some ministry and leadership books in the past that tend to look at the latest trends for pastors to use as they lead their congregation. That is not the case for this book. Menikoff goes through the fruit of the Spirit as the means to lead God's church.

In the first nine chapters, Menikoff shows how each fruit can influence one's ministry and help them in leading God's people. The final chapter deals with putting all these things together and how ministers must bear fruit to be effective leaders.

This is book is very simplistic and very practical. It is biblically based and does not try to be one of those trendy leadership books which some churches want to implement in their leadership.