Character Matters Review

Book Review: 

Pastoring and shepherding is a high calling and God equips those who are called to such. One of the implications of shepherding is leading others to grow and that is best achieved when the shepherd is growing also.

Aaron Menikoff discusses the fruits of the spirit according to a pastor’s role and heart. This book is very encouraging and evaluatory so that pastor’s are following Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for all of life flows from it. By guarding the heart, pastors are able to till the soil of their heart for spiritual growth in Christlikeness. Without growth in Christlikeness, how exactly can a pastor/shepherd help others to grow in that way?

This book is written in a shepherding and transparent tone and the set up of the book is easy to read. Listing each fruit of the spirit and discussing the pastoral implications of each is beneficial to the reader and the author uses his own shortcomings and spiritual journey to help readers understand the weight of the matters of character.

This is also a practical book that can be used for training other pastors, interns, and young ministers aspiring to be faithful to the calling to shepherd the hearts of others. But it must be understood that one’s own heart needs shepherding and growth while expecting and encouraging the same of others.