Choose Greatness Review

Book Review: 

In Choose Greatness, Gary Chapman, the author of The 5 Love Languages, partners with his mentee, Clarence Shuler to outline “11 Wise Decisions That Brave Young Men Make”. These wise decisions range from “Choose to Seek Knowledge through Education” to “Choose to Build Diverse Friendships to “Choose to Discover the Truth about God”. This book’s premise is that decisions made during the teen years can be critical in determining the trajectory of the rest of your life. Many life decisions that may seem inconsequential at the time can result in tragic endings.

Both Chapman and Shuler offer sound advice, largely gleaned from their own life experiences. Their hope is that this book can help young men avoid the mistakes they have made, as well as to avoid unwise decisions that they have seen others make. The “Ask Yourself” questions at the end of each chapter let the reader pause and reflect on choices they have made or will make that will affect their lives. Although this book is geared towards teens, I would personally recommend this book for older teens, rather than tweens or younger teens due to some of the content. Choose Greatness is a great resource for young men who are about to embark into the journey of adulthood.