Choose Greatness Review

Book Review: 

We are always looking for good lectures for our 12yo boy, that is why moms are also asking me for ideas for their own children to read.

When I saw this title I knew I wanted it for Him. It is a short book with 11 wise decisions the authors explore (with some other challenges involved). My son read one per afternoon, I asked about each chapter and at night he is discussing it with his dad about the questions involved at the end of each chapter.

The authors present eleven wise decisions young men need to make. I enjoyed knowing which author is talking each time. I'm so thankful for this kind of resources for young men. Many moms have told me they are happy about wise decision #5. My love language is Acts of service, probably that is why I'm thankful about #10 wise decision "Chose to invest time in helping others"

Another mom asked me about the chapter about “choose to be sexually responsible”,I recommend you to read it first and decide how to talk about this with your child, reading along and talking in about it in a way he can understand and with the level of maturity he has. This culture is used to believe that being “responsible” is just to use condom, and it is not, I'm glad the authors didn't share the topic with that light world view. The chapter is clear about consecuences and gives young men 3 higher challenges to be responsible. If you are interested and your kid is young, I recommend you to read it first and then with your son. Is a very short and easy to read book. 170 clean and vivid pages.
This book it is important, informative, wise and not toxic at all, it even encourages young men to respect girl and women. I read a very uninformed and false review about it… it is sad people write without reading the book, you need to read the whole book to give an opinion, and also must be validated with education when you write about it. It is sad, because what we need as a society is a well-informed view about this generation. All I read in every page was 2 men educated author trying to help young men with facts, not just opinion. and also being respectful with men and women in the way they wrote.