Choosing Gratitude Review

Book Review: 

Reading Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy was quite an eye-opening experience for me! And, an emotional one. I cried...A LOT. Just in case you're new around here, I've made it no secret that I'm most likely THE most emotional person you could ever meet. I think this book may have set a record for just HOW much it made me cry, though.

It was hard for me to realize just how UNGRATEFUL I really am!

Not long after he arrived back home, Paul was visiting with a church leader from India who had come to the States to study. In the midst of their conversation, he asked the man what he thought of Americans, to which his guest responded-in polite, Asian style-
"Do you want me to be honest?"
"Yes, I do," Paul answered.
But who could really be ready for this:
"You have no idea how much you have," the man said, "and yet you always complain."
(page 58)

That's tough words to chew on when you really let it sink in.

"During this particular ministry trip, their host took them to visit a leper colony on the island of Tobago. And while there, they held a worship service in the campus chapel. As you can imagine, the sight of emaciated lepers filing into their seats on the bare pews bore deeply in to the minds and memories of each visitor to this unaccustomed scene.
But no memory left its mark like this one:
When the pastor announced, "We have time for one more hymn.
Does anyone have a favorite?" he noticed a lone patient seated awkwardly on the back row, facing away from the front. At this final call for hymn requests, with great effort, the woman slowly turned her body in the pastor's direction.
"Body" would perhaps be a generous description of what remained of hers. No nose. No lips. Just bare teeth, askew within a chalky skull. She raised her bony nub of an arm(no hand) to see if she might be called on to appeal for her favorite song to be sung. Her teeth moved to the croaky rhythm of her voice as she said,
"Could we sing 'Count Your Many Blessing'?"
(pages 90-91)

The book touches on many different forms of gratefulness/ungratefulness.

When we take simple blessings for granted as if they were owed to us, or conversely, when we start to think that our house, our car, our wardrobe, or our general station in life us beneath what we deserve, ingratitude finds all the oxygen it needs to thrive.
(page 55)

I don't share all of the same beliefs as the author. As long as you realize that I don't agree with everything she says, I HIGHLY recommend this book! We pretty well agree on the main topic of the book, gratitude. I can't imagine there's a person out there that wouldn't benefit from it. There's also a 30-day devotional in the back of the book.

*Thanks to Moody for my review copy of Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy in exchange for my honest opinion!