Chosen for Christ Review

Book Review: 


The mere word reminds me of those days in gym class. All the kids are lined up and sides are being drawn up. With each selection, our breath is held as we wait to hear our name called. Our desire not to be the last one because then you really weren’t “chosen” at all.

In her book, Chosen for Christ, Heather Holleman reminds us of our desire to be chosen for something or someone.

“We shape our identity on how chosen we feel at any given time, both by people and for opportunities …

I knew that if God taught me more about my chosen identity, it could offer the remedy for past, present, and even future rejection. It would also provide certainty that God chose me for this exact life I’m living – to bear the fruit He appointed for me.”
(from page 13)

The feeling of rejection will poison our souls because we have not been chosen for a perfect life plan, but for a Person – Jesus.

We have been chosen by Him, for Him, so that we live lives that are radically different, exalting Him in all we do, and bear fruit. To miss this truth, we miss the life He has chosen for us to live.

The author proceeds to explain seven invitations to which Jesus calls us:

The First Invitation: Worship. We are called to worship and this is a call to “cultivate an awareness of God’s presence and respond with joy to Him” (from page 55), no matter the circumstances in our life.
The Second Invitation: Live as God’s Treasured Possession. As treasured people, we have value. We live under His protection. We are treasures on display.
The Third Invitation: Belong to a New Family. “We are chosen for Christ to live out this part of our calling to unite as one family, one household, and one Body who cares for the needs of all” (page 88).
The Fourth Invitation: Complete Good Works. We are chosen to bear fruit that reflects Him. “A fruitless Christian life is an impossibility” (from page 107).
The Fifth Invitation: Display God’s Power. We find strength in the hardest of days. “We’ll know it’s God’s power because we’re so weak, broken, and unworthy that it must be Him” (from page 120). And others will see Him in us as well.
The Sixth Invitation: Become Like Jesus. “The goal of our chosen identity centers on allowing the Holy Spirit to make us more like Jesus” (from page 128). To be like Christ is God’s will for each of us.
The Seventh Invitation: Live Differently From The World. The culture is changing quicker than we recognize and we must stand firm. We have been chosen to live differently and “walking with Jesus as His chosen one must matter more than all the pleasures on earth” (page 156).

The book is beautifully written, every word encouraging and soothing at the same. time. Her words assure us that we have indeed been chosen.

“Jesus is here – choosing us, loving us, leading us step by step. We don’t need to fear rejection, live in confusion, or wonder if we’ve missed out on the life meant for us.”

As I closed the last page I realized anew,
All we need to do is embrace the beautiful chosen life He has given us.

*I was provided a copy of this book by Moody Publishers for review. All opinions are honest and my own.