Chosen for Christ Review

Book Review: 

So one thing I've noticed about Holleman is that as an English professor who teaches college kids how to write. She writes in such a way that if you did not know she is a college professor, you would ask. The organization and transitions are all there as one would expect of an academic paper. The thesis statement is clear. We gain the framework for the rest of the book at the end of the first chapter (pg 19).
This entire book is about recognizing and living life as though you are chosen for Christ. The way Holleman explains it is when you believe that you are chosen for Christ the way you go about life changes. Not in a way to earn it but as a result of being chosen. The book is organized into three parts: Your present situation, seven invitations, and what if I say yes. Each one is meant to address a specific part of the process of going from living unchosen to living as chosen for Christ. When you read you will notice that chosen is repeated often, to reinforce the word for the reader and remind them during each invitation that they are chosen simply because they chose Jesus and received the gift of salvation.

So I did enjoy this book albeit not as much as I did Seated with Christ. I think Seated felt a bit more of a fluid read than Chosen does. Chosen feels like I'm reading more of an academic paper that is a bit more rigid in the writing style. It was also harder for me to finish Chosen because it did not hold my attention as well. I do recommend it though especially for people who are struggling with their identity in Christ. For those who are not really struggling with their identity in Christ, this book seems to over-reinforce the idea in a way that Seated with Christ did not overuse the word seated.

{FYI: I received this book from the publisher (Moody Publishers) in exchange for my honest opinion.}