Chosen for Christ Review

Book Review: 

In her book, Chosen for Christ, Heather Holleman writes, “it poisons your soul to think that you aren’t living the life your’re chosen to live. As if God made a cosmic blunder when it came to managing you.” Holleman also writes, “This means we are chosen for a Person, not a perfect plan. Now instead of finding the perfect calling, a personal mission, and a fulfilling life, we might search the Scriptures about how God invites us to live….your life plan assumes secondary importance; it comes as a byproduct of living as God intends.” As I read her words, my heart screamed in unison. My soul for sure felt poisoned and I had forgotten it’s God not me that truly manages the affairs of my life.

In her book, Holleman walks the reader through seven invitations God gives us in Scripture live the life He intends for us to live. Rich in Scripture, and personal examples, this book is a must read for all believers. After reading this book, I feel so much more freedom and joy in my walk with the Lord.