Chosen for Christ Review

Book Review: 

Do you feel like you were left out growing up? Maybe you still feel left out, awkward, or even unwanted. Heather Holleman gently guides you back to the life you’ve been missing, because Jesus has already chosen you and would surely choose you again.

Heather’s book is an intelligent read based on solid doctrine, like many others I’ve enjoyed from Moody Publishers. She describes how she has struggled with feeling chosen, even as a longtime Christian. She helps you examine where you are now with your feelings, struggles and faith. Then she leads you through seven different invitations Jesus extends to you in Scripture. Finally, she encourages you to take forward steps into the life God has chosen for you.

If you’re looking for encouragement from a wise, trustworthy friend who will teach you something new, this book is a great pick for you! I’m still mulling on its truths, weeks after reading.

Favorite Quotes from Chosen for Christ:

It’s always the right decision to worship Jesus. It’s never wrong to choose to worship where you are. Worshiping Jesus is something you will never regret, and you can never do it too much.

I became a different woman when I saw myself as God’s treasured possession. I woke up with the expectation that God would attend to me as someone He greatly values and cares for.

God makes space for us to use our gifts. He knows how to open doors, use our gifting, and make our contribution matter. When we feel crowded out, Jesus is right there, appointing and enabling the fruit for our lives.

Thanks to Moody Publishers for providing me a review copy of Chosen for Christ.