The Church in Babylon Review

Book Review: 

Living a faithful life as a Christian is becoming more challenging being in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Pastor Erwin Lutzer compares the life of Daniel in Babylon with what Christians are facing in the present time. If Christians are to be lights in the present darkness, they have to make sure they themselves are not contributing to the darkness.

Each chapter in the book tackles the present issues of the time and discusses how a Christian can respond to those issues or in those situations. Some of the topics include: the church, technology and purity; transgenderism, sexuality and the church; Islam, immigration and the church; finding God in enemy territory; and conflicts of conscience. The discussion around all of these issues is thought provoking as well as challenging.
Babylon is here to stay and this book is very helpful laying out the challenges that Christians face today. I highly recommend it. There is a separate study guide and DVD to go with the book for use as a small group study. I would hope that many would read this book and discuss it in a small group setting. It would provoke much meaningful discussion.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.