Church Review

Book Review: 

I have always enjoyed A.W. Tozer's books, and when Moody Publishing sent me this book for an honest review, I was eager to dive into another book of Tozer's. Having grown up in the church, I rarely paid attention to the order and beneficence of church governance, and now, being in my 30's, I am seeking to learn more about true biblical church governance, the purpose of the church, the witness of the church. Tozer succinctly addresses these questions and many more in this book. Easy concepts for seminary students to grasp, as well as the common lay person. I did chuckle when Tozer said a household rule for his family was "no dancing" (after all, didn't King David dance with all his might before the Lord?). But overall, I gave this book 5 stars for the information, concise presentation, aesthetically pleasing cover, and clearly laid out biblical mandates.