Count It All Joy Review

Book Review: 

The back cover description for this book peaked my interest. I have never read anything my Mr. Perkins before but I loved his last paragraph: "We pray a lot in this country to be spared suffering. But in this book, I pray that you'll be able to see the joy that is on the other side of the sufferings God has placed in our lives."

Perkins structures the book with three parts, nine chapters and several extras.

- Part One: When suffering chooses you

- Part Two: When you choose suffering

- Part Three: Joy comes in the morning

What I appreciate most about Perkins writing style is his honesty and transparency. He did not holdback in detailing his own personal experiences with suffering and tragedy. He revealed his very raw emotions throughout these experiences which makes him extremely relatable to the normal reader. He never strays from the intensity of one's suffering nor the emotions that are linked to them.

Within the sharing of his tragedies and struggles, he shares an immense amount of wisdom and insight into the biblical concept of suffering. We know that the Bible directly tells us as believers that we will suffer. It is inevitable. We cannot say "I follow Jesus" and expect to live a struggle-free life.

Perkins does a great job of presenting a biblical perspective on suffering in our lives along with practical ideas on how to respond to personal tragedies. Suffering is meant to be seen as a joy because it ultimately can lead us to a deeper relationship with Christ.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.