Cowgirl Trail Review

Book Review: 

Cowgirl trial is the first book in the Morgan Family Series. Maggie Porter returns to the rocking P ranch. The sanatorium was not able to save her mother and now her father’s health is failing. When the cowboys walk off the ob leaving no one to drive the cattle to market, head ranch hand Alex Bright, cannot convince the men to stay. How could Alex let this happen? Maggie is desperate to save the ranch. To everyone’s surprise, she turns to the town’s women for help. The cowgirls must herd, rope, and drive the cattle to market. With only two days left, outlaws charge the small band in an effort to start a stampede. The cattle begin to scatter. Will they lose everything? Where will their help come from?

Cowgirl Trail is a wonderfully written story and was a wonderful read. I really enjoyed reading the woman’s side of the cattle drives, a job the men normally did. Getting to see the way the women handled the situations that was thrown at them along the trial was a new side of the story that isn’t normally shown. I really enjoyed the characters in the Morgan family series and getting to know the Morgan family a little bit better. I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my honest opinion; I received this book for free for review by River North Publishing.