Cowgirl Trail Review

Book Review: 

I was personally disappointed with this book. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE the way Susan P. Davis writes, and the characters she comes up with; (except for the fact that Maggie cried a little too much for my liking) yet I loved the times when Maggie was spunky! I think I would have liked Maggie's character more if I could relate to her (by this I mean if she where as tough as I hope I am and would be in these situations. Instead of tearing up every other page.) I did really enjoy the other characters especially Maggie's best friend. However no matter how much I WANTED to love this book, at the end of the day it was a let down. The pace was too slow to keep my attention for any long period of time. Part of the reason this isn't going on "My Favorite Books" list is mainly because I have lived on a ranch my entire life. More than half of that was raising cattle. I may not know all the facts about cattle ranches in 1884, but I do know that a lot of terms and facts where (frustratingly) incorrect. The first being calves don't "bleat", sheep do. Calves bawl. So if these issues don't bother you, and you didn't grow up around branding and ranching all your life, this may be a great book for you. But my honest opinion is that it left me wanting. :( I will be giving "Captive Trail" a chance though, because I REALLY do love Susan and her writing.

My songs for this book would have to be: "Standing On The Promises" by Alan Jackson and "I Keep On Lovin' You" by Reba

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