Cowgirl Trail Review

Book Review: 

When Maggie Porter returned from San Francisco after her mother’s death, she was shocked to see how her father’s health had deteriorated, the ranch hands were on the brink of a strike and the ranch in disrepair. Maggie became determined to find out what was going on and do whatever it took to get the herd of cattle to market – no matter what that took. Cowgirl Trail is full of determination, loyalty, grit and love.

Cowgirl Trail

Cowgirl Trail (The Texas Trail Series) tells the story of just how far determination and love will go to do what it takes to save a dream, a ranch and make a difference in people’s life. Maggie hates the way her father has started treating the cowboys. Once she discovers the truth and understands what’s going on, Maggie knows that maybe the only solution is to turn to the ladies.

Maggie and her friends have lived around the ranch their whole life. If anyone can do a cattle drive on a short notice, it’s these ladies. But sometimes, everyone needs a helping hand. I did enjoy how the help that Maggie and her cowgirls needed while on the cattle drive was forthcoming. The ladies were capable but very appreciative of some well timed intervention.

Texas Trails

This is actually one book of a series of books called A Morgan Family Series. When I agreed to read and review I thought I was reading a stand alone book. But I have now discovered that this is actually book 5 in the series. Usually, that fact would be a problem and would cause me to have many unanswered questions. But not so in this case. Each of the books in the series is advertised as being part of a series, but able to stand alone. That is definitely true in this case. I can’t wait to read another book in the Texas Trails Series.