Creative God, Colorful Us Review

Book Review: 

This wonderful book for children explains how God created each of us with diversity in His family with many colors and differing gifts and talents. In God’s colorful family, each individual has something to offer and heaven itself will be filled with believers of all different colors and nationalities.

The book is divided into chapters, each focusing on a different concept from Scripture such as creation, the fall, the rescuer found in Jesus Christ, and the principles involved in living in unity in God’s family. At the end of each chapter there are questions for the child to answer to reinforce the material presented in the chapter. There is also an activity for the child and adult to do together.

At the end of the book there is a section for the adults emphasizing the need to be “colorsmart” instead of using the word “colorblind.” Being colorblind is not realistic and misses the opportunity to celebrate God’s good design. After all, the gospel is for all nations and we will rejoice in color forever.

This is must reading for all families in explaining the beauty of diversity. Children from elementary school through middle school would benefit from this book.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.