Creative God, Colorful Us Review

Book Review: 

When I first decided I was interested in reading this book, I did not realize that it was written for children. But even despite that fact, I believe many adults could also gain so much insight from it just as I did.

The author intended the book for children ages eight to twelve, but I think children younger and older can glean wisdom from it as well. If reading through with younger children, it will need to be done with an adult who can help explain some of the concepts and discuss in a manner that they can understand.

The overall theme of the book is understanding the beauty that God created us with and how children can love each unique person they meet through God's grace. She does a great job of putting the focus on why we need to love all people from every nation, tribe and tongue. The why is the most important aspect. We love because He first loved us. It's Christ and His Gospel that gives us the desire to praise Him for His creation.

Newbell structures the book in a very engaging way for children. Every chapter includes multiple sections: Helpful Words to know, What do you Think?, and The Big Idea. These sections include basic knowledge of the Bible and the Gospel, discussions questions (including journal space to write your thoughts inside the book), and different activities to grasp the concept being discussed.

She also includes a letter to the adults to conclude the book. It simply reminds adults and parents of four reasons why we should enjoy the differences that God created us with. This won't be anything profoundly new to a seasoned believer, but was a good refresher in order to help our children work through the book.

I appreciate that her stance on race is very much trough the lens of the Gospel rather than what society pushes on us. She makes it clear that race is the unique way God created us and should be acknowledged and praised. We are not racist if we celebrate our differences and we can definitely love others by recognizing our differences.

Newbell does a wonderful job of presenting a very divisive topic to children in a way that encourages them to face it with love and grace.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.