Creative God, Colorful Us Review

Book Review: 

This is a beautifully made book for Christian children ages 8-12 although it could be used as young as 6 if a parent read it in shorter bursts. The point of the book is to share how God created us all as equal and in His own image.

The book is full of colour and easy to understand text. There are What do You Think sections for kids to contemplate what they are learning. There are activity sections with easy things to do to further their understanding.

Each chapter has a Big Idea that is the main takeaway of the chapter. All the text, thinking sections and activities reflect that. An example of some Big Ideas are:

Every person is made by God and in the image of God and therefore is equal in value and worth.
God loved the world so much that He sent His son Jesus to rescue it, and now we can have a relationship with God forever.
Every tribe, tongue, language, and nation will be in heaven together perfectly worshiping, loving and enjoying one another.
This would make a great gift for a 8-12 year old. It’s not specifically meant for girls but I think girls would enjoy it more.