Creative God, Colorful Us Review

Book Review: 

How can we teach our children to embrace our God-given differences? How will they learn to love the nations and reach others for the Gospel? In Creative God Colorful Us, Trillia Newbell shares how our differences are good and how God wants us to love one another.

The Gospel on Full Display

Newbell writes directly to her intended audience of grade-schoolers, explaining Bible passages that help us see God’s plan for a big, diverse, colorful family. The Gospel is on full display, and Newbell writes in a winsome and wonderful way. She will help you capture the hearts and minds (and attention) of your children to point them to Jesus and what it means to be in the family of God.

The book moves from learning to love our Savior to loving our neighbors. The Church is championed in this book, and it is here where Newbell makes the connection of having brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world. She warns that “our differences aren’t sinful, but the way we treat each other because of our differences can be.” This is an important message that must be communicated to our children today.

A Future Home Filled with Beautiful Diversity

The book ends by focusing our gaze on Heaven, asking us to look towards a future home filled with diversity and beauty and our best friends forever. And we can take steps toward that future now, by getting to know others, being kind to others, inviting others to events, and learning about others. We can love each other despite our differences.

With sections on helpful words to know, discussion questions, suggested activities, Bible verses for further reading, and highlighted big ideas – there is something for everyone in this book. And at the end, she pleads with parents to be “colorsmart” – as opposed to being “colorblind” – so we can rightfully celebrate God’s creation.

Created in the Image of God

Parents who wish to teach their children and speak to their family about important topics of the faith will find this book to be a favorite. It is clear and concise, with great questions and conversation-starters. I can’t forget to mention the beautiful paintings throughout the book by Chase Williamson. The book is a literal work of art.

This book is also perfect for Sunday School classes or children’s groups. It speaks to our current cultural moment in a Biblical way that young students can understand. And it will refresh teachers and parents on the fundamentals of what it means to be created and loved in the image of God.

I received a media copy of Creative God, Colorful Us and this is my honest review.