Creative God, Colorful Us Review

Book Review: 

In a world that is diverse and yet divided, children need a book to teach them truth about the very way God intended to form His family.

In her book, Creative God Colorful Us, Trillia Newbell presents us with a beautiful book for children that explains how God created all of us differently on purpose for a purpose.

This is a short, colorful, and delightful book for grade school aged children. It is easily understandable and each reading is sure to engage every young reader.

It is seven chapters beginning with the creation of the world and man. The author takes us through the fall of man (sin), our need for a Savior, the differences we now see in the people around us, and the importance of getting along.

In each chapter, you will find:

The Big Idea – the overall thought of the chapter.
What Do You Think? – which includes questions to ponder, discuss, or journal.
A Prayer
An Activity
A Point to Remember

The pages themselves are colorful which pull a child into the book and hold their attention and interest. The author also includes a letter to adults in which she reminds us our children are watching and learning from us every day. They will take their cue from us and can learn to love people from every nation.

This book is a wonderful resource for individual family use or a youth Bible Study. A leaders guide can also be obtained. The material will foster excellent discussions and a solid biblical foundation of the importance of diversity.

“Every tribe, tongue, language, and nation will be in heaven together perfectly worshiping, loving, and enjoying one another.”
Trillia Newbell, Creative God Colorful Us, page 91

*I was provided a copy of this book by Moody Publishers. All opinions are honest and my own.