Creative God, Colorful Us Review

Book Review: 

This book has been written for kids with diverse colors, fonts, and graphics interspersed throughout. It serves as a companion to Newbell’s book for adults, United, and for younger children, God’s Very Good Idea. The paintings by Chase Williamson also add a superb touch. Newbell writes with personal engagement as if she is talking with her own children and discusses difficult questions with simple clarity. She very clearly states that “the Bible is God’s Word” and “is used for helping people see right from wrong” (10).

In these chapters, she touches on basic Christian principles such as God creating human beings as diverse in his image, sin ruining everything, Jesus coming to redeem us, learning to love God and love others, the glories of heaven, and celebrating the surprising, colorful family of God. Newbell also masterfully describes the attributes of God and shows how we are able to reflect God’s character to others. This is not just a book on racial diversity, but a theology for kids as well. Each chapter concludes with an assortment of creative activities.

In the back matter, Newbell includes a glossary of helpful terms and a list of key Scripture verses for memory and discussion. She also writes a brief note to adults who are discussing this book with their children. I plan to read it with my children as a part of our ongoing discussion.