Cross-Shaped Gospel, A Review

Book Review: 

There have been a lot of books coming out recently answering the question, "What is the Gospel?" It is a question worth meditating and study because in the 21st century church, Christians are confused by the Gospel. Some think is all about them and their relationship with Jesus while other think it is all about making the world more Christian by Christianizing society. Some Christians feel with the gospel, God is more concerned about their own personal growth than they do about other Christians and also the evangelizing of non-Christians

Bryan Loritts' book, A Cross-shaped Gospel, addresses the Gospel in a two-part harmony. The first part as horizontal which means that Christians are called to love God. Loritts said, "To love God is to love His truth, His Word. When we love God and His Word, this becomes the standard by which we are able to navigate how to love our neighbors." The vertical aspect of the two-part harmony of the Gospel is loving our neighbor where loving God also means loving others.

Loritts other chapters talk about how the Gospel helps us accept one another despite if we are republican or democrat, which in an election year can get nasty. Also accept one another passed our ethnicity and how living our the Gospel brings glory to God. There were a lot of good points in this book about the Gospel, but I felt this book would not be the go-to book on the Gospel. It was a good book, but not one that every Christian should pick up off the shelves because it is the next great Gospel book.