Cross-Shaped Gospel, A Review

Book Review: 

Bryan Loritts in writing "A Cross Shaped Gospel" is fuled by a centrality of the Scriptures and a preiminence of the Gospel in the life of the believer. This thoughtful presentation contains much biblilcal reference and explanation of the Gospel and its implications for the believer. As illustrated by Loritts, the gsopel has a vertical aspect in affecting ones relationship with God, while at the same time, having a horizontal dimension affecting one's relationship with others.

Throughout the book, this vertical and horizontal comparison of the Gospel and its relationship between man and God and man and others. Our love of God will affect our love of our neighbors. Without a love of God, we will not love our neighbors. Without loving our neighbors, the question arises whether or not we truly love God.

This book is osmething every believer and non-believer can benefit from. This book is something that we cannot never been reminded of too much. We need reminders of the gospel each and every day and although many books of this nature and genre have been written in the recent years, this is something one should have on thier shelf.

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